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What if you could design, code and test all in one place?

We propose revolutionizing the creative process, leveraging your design system integrated with cutting-edge technologies. We can significantly reducing the time it takes to go from concept to market.

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Drag, drop, with code-enabled creativity

Transform your design workflow with easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality. Integrating your coded components directly into the UI Builder, eliminating the gap between conceptualization and development.

BYOC - Bring your own coded components

We will integrate your component library into the UI Builder. Bring your data sources, React components, deployment environments, design system, and more. Don't have components or a Design System? We can provide a custom library of 3,000 components/variants to suit your brand and business needs.

Ai enhanced prototyping

Elevate prototyping with AI-generated tools. Crafts realistic texts, data and images,  on-demand. Streamlining design processes and bringing prototypes closer to the final product, faster.

Accurate, accessible prototypes

Transform your prototypes into interactive experiences. Our realistic prototyping feature brings your designs to life, enabling more accurate, accessible testing feedback and cycles.

Sync, collaborate, innovate

UI builder

Streamlined product lifecycle management

Transform your product development lifecycle. UI Builder is  designed for seamless integration of design, coding, and testing. Accelerate your time-to-market with rapid prototyping, ensure product quality consistency, and boost team efficiency.

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User Testing

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No Need to Switch Different Tools

Pixso supports importing various file formats

Experience Smooth Performance

Everything goes smoothly on cloud. Update what's new in real time.

Unified Design Specifications

Create the team component library online

Don't have coded components? That's ok, we have lots.

XDS UI Builder, design, test, code, collaborate. A better way of working.

Shaping the future of product creation.

Significantly reducing the time from concept to product.
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