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This is the evolution of your design system

What if you could design, code and test all in one place with your designs and your coded components?

We still offer expert Design System support from strategic, design, development to operation.

XDS brings an unparalleled level of expertise in the field of design systems. Out team has a deep understanding of best practices, current trends, and proven strategies.

Strategic Insights

Unlock your design system's potential with our targeted strategic insights. We assess your current setup to identify and navigate the next steps tailored specifically for you.

Accessibility Excellence

Achieve full accessibility with our expertise in VueJS, React, and Angular. We make navigating WCAG standards straightforward, ensuring your design system is inclusive for all.

Operational Expertise

Understand that design systems evolve continuously. XDS is your ally in managing this growth through strategic support and training, fostering sustainable success.

Pre-built Enterprise Design System supports multiple JS frameworks and brand simultaneously.

Easy to Customize

Using XDS builder will enable you to quickly set up a customized system to meet your unique brand and personality.


Our Design System assists you with keeping your designs and code in line with WCAG standards. Each component of XDS has been individually tested to meet WCAG SAA 2.0 + 2.1.


The entire script library of XDS is less than 100kb, and has been fully optimized to meet the highest standard of performance. This enables you to build and design your projects faster and more efficiently.

Coded components

Each component has already been developed in Angular, React and VueJS. We ensure they are kept up-to-date.


We have pre-built a library of content and application modules to make it even faster and easier to get up and running.

Access to Experts

XDS has access to industry experts to advise and review your work based on your needs. We believe that sometimes all you need is an outside opinion about your project or design process.

The following are some inspiring ideas that will enable you to make effective research reports for your stakeholders and designers.

Designing Research Reports Stakeholders Will Appreciate

Designing Research Reports Stakeholders Will Appreciate

We have prepared a list of the basic rules to conduct research the right way.

Nine Rules of Design Research

Nine Rules of Design Research

Reusability, clear standards, better communication can make your teams 5X more efficient and productive.

Getting Stakeholder Buy-in: Efficiency

Getting Stakeholder Buy-in: Efficiency

Researchers are more important for a business than ever before. They are bridging the gap between customer, tech, and business.

Five Types of User Insights

Five Types of User Insights

We love design systems, we love to build them talk about them and help others with them. So reach out, lets connect and see if we can help. The first meetup is always free

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